We smuggled the first real American burger brand that pays attention to the consumer's stomach into Szeklerland’s taste.

Mission Introducing the first real American burger brand to the Szekler fast food market, made exclusively of local ingredients.

Outcome Strategic planning, market analysis, and target group segmentation. Creating a visual identity that reflects what is defined in the brand strategy.

Result A well-positioned brand that can develop into a strong brand, a distinctive visual identity.

THE PROJECT The Crunch team reached out to us in the summer of 2018 with the idea of a newly launched burger house, to which they asked for a brand strategy, identity, and inventing and managing communication activities. Their strength is that they always use fresh ingredients for their burgers, salads, and chips made with their own recipes.

BRAND STRATEGY Our goal was to cooperate with the customer to find the core attribute on which such a brand can be built. After researching the local market, we realized that the type of product that our customer wants to sell is rarely present. Rather, there is a mixed product range that only meets consumer needs. A business with a well-crafted, unique product range can stand out from this ruckus. The focus is on fresh and local ingredients, followed by the own recipes. High-quality meat, homemade goat cheese, buns solely from local producers, vegetables, potatoes, and sauces all contribute to the unique taste of Crunch burgers and salads.

VISUAL IDENTITY Crunch’s visual identity is modern and clean. Simple, easy to understand. It can be decoded in a few moments. The basic shapes were inspired by the products themselves. The sketching follows the sound of the name, crunch. The logo is centred on a stylized form with the brand name in the center. Its color scale is also simple. We used some basic colors, which were also determined by the products themselves.

PHOTOGRAPHY When creating visual content, we strove to make products visible in their most natural state. It was an important goal for the product photos to comply with the taste appeal rules: visual presentation of food meant to accentuate the flavour details and build an appetite.

COMMUNICATION Crunch uses two main channels. The official Facebook page of the brand is the primary one. Here, one will find all the essential information a consumer may need. Availability, product range, program changes, etc. The secondary channel is the official Instagram page, where consumers can gain insight into background work, and find visual content that engenders further engagement.