Finding and understanding yourself is one of the most important and most difficult tasks. With the Valeo Art team, you will have the opportunity to learn about several forms of self-expression.

THE PROJECT Valeo Art is a youth association that provides space and support for artistic expression that would not have been possible without the association’s support. Their aim is to identify, promote, and support young talents and to provide them with workshops, courses, theoretical and practical training.

Visual Identity During the creation of the visual identity, we focused on creating elements (logo, shapes, colour scale, textures) that reflect the area of activity of the association. During the first sketches, the slogan “We leave a trace” was uttered, which incorporates the association’s core philosophy, and it helped in defining the visual language.

The association does not only use this slogan in a metaphorical sense, they really want to leave something behind for future generations. The final logo was built upon this slogan, which is a unique, handmade ink blot that leaves a mark on the paper.

The logo also defined other visual elements. Since the association has three permanent programs (Focus on Talent, Music for Everyone, COLOR Patch), it was important that there were three well-defined icons and colours in the imagery for these programs that still use a common visual language.

Being a creative association, we did not want to insist on frames. Since most of their events are advertised on posters, we have created three different poster templates for each of the aforementioned programs, within which members of the association are free to post their content.